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The Givens Family Success Story

"When everyone closed their doors on us, Family Promise welcomed us in"

In a tale of resilience and unwavering determination, the Givens family, led by a single mother with two boys, triumphed over adversity with the support of Family Promise, marking a remarkable turnaround in their lives.

Facing the challenges of housing instability after the mother lost her job due to inconsistent childcare, the Givens family found themselves navigating a distressing cycle of couch-surfing and reaching out to family and friends, seeking stability that remained elusive. Repeatedly turned away and facing closed doors, they were eventually referred to Family Promise, where they were initially unable to find space in the short-term housing program. However, the family didn't lose hope and engaged with the Family Promise diversion program, which provided them with critical case management support while they continued to stay with friends.

Despite the tumultuous circumstances and the uncertainties that persisted, Family Promise stood as a consistent beacon of hope. When a space finally became available, the Givens family was welcomed into the Family Promise program, which significantly reduced their expected duration of stay due to the groundwork laid by the mother's proactive efforts before their entry.

During their 27-day stay in the IHN program, the family's journey took a decisive turn. The support and resources provided by Family Promise became catalysts for substantial change. The mother secured a full-time job, a pivotal step towards sustainable stability. With this income, she diligently paid off outstanding utility bills from a previous address, totaling over $400, which had been a looming burden. Furthermore, she successfully secured reliable childcare, ensuring her ability to maintain employment while saving almost $500.

The assistance and guidance received from Family Promise empowered the Givens family to transition from the short-term housing program to their own two-bedroom apartment. This new home marked a fresh start, a symbol of their resilience, hard work, and the support that had fortified them during a challenging period.

The Givens family's success story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, community support, and the vital role of organizations like Family Promise in helping families break the cycle of homelessness and regain stability. As they settle into their new home, the Givens family stands tall, a testament to the unwavering strength and the opportunities that arise when dedicated individuals and supportive communities come together.


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