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The Medina Family's Remarkable Journey to Stability

The Medina family's story began with a desperate need for housing stability. After spending over 30 days living in their vehicles, they turned to the Family Promise Short-term housing program for support. Though they were part of our local community, an unexpected and substantial rent increase from $1,750.00 to $2,350.00 left them without a stable home. During that challenging month, the family experienced significant setbacks, with the mother losing her job, the children missing school, and the mother grappling with a growing sense of despair.

However, hope and transformation were on the horizon. In just three short days of entering the program, the mother secured a job that she genuinely loved, and the children returned to school, attending daily. Ms. Medina was a force of determination, securing employment and childcare for her one-year-old within another three days. With the unwavering support of her Family Support Coordinator, the family found a new residence within just seven days of entering the program. By day nine, they triumphantly crossed the threshold into their new apartment.

In the words of Ms. Medina, "My time at Family Promise gave me hope and made me feel not alone. I didn't know these kinds of programs even existed until I needed it. I feel that the guidance and structure were so important to my success, and the helping hands that I've received to be on my own have really set me up for success. I'm so grateful for everything Family Promise has given me and my family to get back on my feet and provide the stability my children needed."

The Medina family's story is a testament to the power of community support and resilience in the face of adversity. They have not only found stability but have rekindled their hope for a brighter future, thanks to the assistance of Family Promise.

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