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Grant Family Success Story

Celebrating the inspiring journey of the Grant family, a resilient unit of a single mother, a devoted grandmother, a determined daughter, and a supportive sister. Entering the Family Promise INH short-term housing program marked a turning point for them, as they confronted a myriad of challenges, including health issues, childcare dilemmas, and transportation barriers.

After years of couch-surfing and living in hotels, the Grant family courageously took a leap of faith and embraced the support offered by our program. Over the course of 40 days, they dedicated themselves to early mornings, shared spaces, and the art of compromise. This transformative period became a stepping stone to overcoming their obstacles.

In just 40 days, the Grant family achieved remarkable milestones. They established a vital connection with a primary care physician, successfully cleared $1500 in outstanding utility bills, secured stable childcare arrangements, and eliminated their transportation barriers. Today, on this Giving Tuesday and Transitional Tuesday, we proudly salute the Grant family for their resilience and determination.

As they step into their new home, we extend a warm welcome, celebrating not only their accomplishments but the spirit of community and empowerment that has propelled them forward. The Grants embody the strength that comes from facing challenges head-on and the transformative impact of support and compassion.


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