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Moore Family Success Story

We are overjoyed to share a heartwarming success story that encapsulates the true spirit of Family Promise - a journey beyond emergency housing to embrace genuine support and resilience.

The Moore family, a close-knit group of seven, faced daunting challenges that tested their strength and resolve.

Their story began with a devastating house fire that left them displaced. While they found temporary shelter, the Moores needed more than just a place to stay; they needed a guiding hand through uncharted territory. Despite both parents being gainfully employed, connecting the necessary dots to secure permanent housing seemed insurmountable.

In their time of need, a referral from their church family opened the door to Family Promise. Our dedicated staff, led by Ms. Heather, sprang into action, offering unwavering support. The Moores had various challenges, from underemployment to childcare barriers - potential pitfalls that could have led to homelessness. Yet, with our staff walking alongside them, the family navigated these challenges and successfully connected the dots, securing permanent housing.

Reflecting on this transformative experience, Mrs. Moore expressed gratitude, saying, "I knew that shelter was an option, but because we had family, we felt it was better for us to save that space for a family that didn't. Ms. Heather guided us through this crisis like we were family, and for that, I'm forever grateful."

Family Promise's diversion program played a crucial role, offering a temporary solution and comprehensive case management during their temporary stay while living with family. The Moores, like many families in our community, were able to weave together the threads of family and community support, ultimately triumphing over adversity.

Their story is a testament to the remarkable impact of our community coming together to uplift one another. 


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