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Jordan Family Success Story

The Jordan family's journey is a testament to the power of resilience, support, and tailored assistance. Ms. Jordan, a single mother, and her son faced numerous obstacles, including childcare and transportation barriers, as well as the challenges associated with her son's recent behavior challenges. The struggle to find stable housing led them through couch surfing and temporary stays in hotels, exacerbating their difficulties.

After receiving a referral from a community partner, Ms. Jordan hesitated to connect with a program due to her son's sensory issues. The family had experienced challenges in various living arrangements, as her son was highly sensitive to noise. The instability of couch surfing only added to the young boy’s distress. However, upon entering the Family Promise IHN short-term housing program, they discovered more than just a roof over their heads – they found a sense of peace and a temporary home that catered to their unique needs.

During their stay, Ms. Jordan not only secured stable shelter but also managed to secure full-time employment and full-time childcare. The stability provided by the program allowed her to save over $3000.00, a significant achievement considering the challenges they faced. With the support and guidance offered by Family Promise, the family found a safe haven, allowing them to focus on their well-being and future.

One of the most remarkable transformations occurred in Ms. Jordan's son. The stable shelter provided by Family Promise became a therapeutic environment for him. The reduction in environmental stressors significantly decreased her outbursts, demonstrating the profound impact that a supportive and understanding environment can have on individuals with sensory sensitivities.

While the family's stay with Family Promise exceeded 90 days, the additional time proved invaluable in addressing their specific needs. The program's flexibility and personalized approach allowed the Jordans to make significant strides toward stability. The family overcame the challenges presented by their unique circumstances, proving that every family's journey is different, and tailored support can make a lasting impact.

After two years of uncertainty, couch surfing, and residing in hotels, the Jordan family successfully transitioned to permanent housing. The journey, though arduous, underscored the importance of community support and programs like Family Promise, which recognize and address the diverse needs of families experiencing homelessness. The success of the Jordan family stands as an inspiring example of how, with the right resources and assistance, families can overcome obstacles and build a stable and secure future.


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