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Rogers Family Success Story

The Rogers family's journey with Family Promise of the Coastal Empire is a testament to resilience, determination, and the transformative power of community support.

Life for the Rogers family took an unexpected turn when they found themselves facing a cascade of challenges. The increasing cost of rent, transportation barriers, a car in need of repairs, and childcare challenges created a perfect storm of difficulties. Ms. Rogers vividly expressed the overwhelming feeling, saying, "When we first connected, all I could think was if bad luck had a face, it would be us."

The impending $350.00 rent increase, coupled with the necessity to replace the alternator on their car and the pressing need for reliable childcare, left the family struggling to keep all the pieces together. Despite receiving ample notice about the rental increase, they found themselves in a precarious situation with no alternative housing secured.

In their time of need, the Rogers family turned to Family Promise of the Coastal Empire, where they entered a short-term housing program. This marked a pivotal moment for the family, providing them with the opportunity to hit the reset button on their lives. The support from Family Promise allowed both parents to secure better-paying jobs, addressing the financial strain they faced. With the additional income, they were able to repair their vehicle, removing one more obstacle in their path.

Moreover, the family was able to establish permanent childcare arrangements for their three children, alleviating a significant source of stress. The short-term housing program not only offered them a safe haven but also afforded the time and space to make necessary community connections and formulate short-term goals.

With renewed focus and determination, the Rogers family successfully navigated the challenges before them. In a remarkable turnaround, they secured permanent housing within a mere 52 days. Reflecting on their transformative experience, Mr. Rogers emphasized the impact of Family Promise: "Family Promise gave me the time to think and figure out all the things we needed to do and how we can really get them done. They helped us to create a road map, and now we can use it to work through our issues."

The Rogers family's success story is a shining example of how, with the right support, families can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and emerge stronger on the other side. Family Promise of the Coastal Empire played a crucial role in guiding them towards stability, empowerment, and a brighter future.


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