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The Collins Family Success Story

The story of the Collins family is one of resilience, strength, and the power of support in the face of adversity. Despite facing unimaginable tragedy due to the loss of their loved ones to gun violence, this family - consisting of a grandmother, mother, and two sons - found the determination to rebuild their lives.

The devastating loss of a son, brother, and uncle created a ripple effect that caused their world to unravel. Grandmom, burdened by unbearable pain, found it impossible to function, let alone work. As a result, the family lost their housing and were forced to move from one temporary accommodation to another, eventually exhausting their financial resources and becoming homeless.

However, rather than succumbing to despair, they reached out to Family Promise for assistance.

This decision marked a turning point in their lives. Through the program, both the mother and

grandmother were able to secure full-time employment, providing a stable foundation for their


Recognizing the importance of healing from their trauma, the family engaged in counseling

sessions provided by Family Promise. Both sons also received support through counseling to

navigate the emotional turmoil resulting from the losses they experienced.

During their 56-day stay in the program, the family made significant strides. They not only

secured employment but also enrolled in a certification program, aiming to increase their

earning potential. This determination and commitment to improving their circumstances

showcased their resilience and determination to overcome their challenges.

The Collins family's story is a testament to the strength that lies within a family unit, the

importance of seeking and receiving support during tough times, and the resilience that

emerges when faced with adversity. Through their perseverance and the assistance of

organizations like Family Promise, they were able to rebuild their lives and pave the way for a

brighter future filled with hope, stability, and newfound opportunities.


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